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What is a Pre-Move Survey?

Updated: May 2, 2021

A Pre-Move Survey is your opportunity to meet one of our moving experts or "Move Managers" to discuss your home or office move.

First our Move Manager will ask you some questions to gain an understanding of how you would like you move to go. After this you will show your Move Manager around your home to help them create an itinerary of your belongings.

Benefits of a Pre- Move Survey

Not only does Pre-Move Surveys allow us to understand your needs and the services you would like but it also allows your Move Manager to quote accurately. SML charge by the volume of items being packed and moved, your Move Manager will be able to see all of the items you need moved during your Pre-Move Survey, removing the risk of us over estimating the size of any of your items, saving you money!

Do I need to Prepare for my Pre-Move Survey?

No! As long as all of your belongings are at your property and visable, uour Move Manager will have no problem creating your itinerary.

We will also ask you about:

Access to your properties

Parking restrictions

Are there any stairs

Lift access

Are there any alternatives to a Pre-Move Survey?

We highly recommend you do a Pre-Move Survey, however we understand that it is not always a possibility.

If you are not able to do a Pre-Move Survey you can either send us a video showing us your property and the belongings you would like to move, or you can send us an itinerary list.

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