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Pack up your House in Half the Time!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Packing up an entire house can be exhausting and may seem overwhelming sometimes.

Our team of professional porters have packed plenty of houses and have picked up a few tricks along the way.

SML Removals have put together a few tips to help you move home without breaking a sweat!

Create a Plan

Packing an entire house can seem like an awfully big job. Create a plan which dictates how and when you will pack and stick to it!

We recommend splitting the house up into rooms and tackling one or two a day.

Plan to pack the room(s) you use least first as you won’t miss them as much.

Separate your essential items

Create a list of all your essential items and make sure to set them aside so you don't accidentally pack them up too early.

Not sure what to keep with you?

Think about what you would bring on a weekend trip.

Remember to include:

- Laptop & phone charger

- Toothbrush and other essential toiletries

- A set of plates and cutlery

Get plenty of supplies

Buy quality packing materials and don’t underestimate how many boxes you will need. You can often find good quality used boxes on gumtree which you can pick up for free.

Here is our list of essential packing supplies:

- Boxes

- Labels

- A few Sharpie’s

- Bubble wrap

- Packing Paper

- Tape

Label everything

Use the labels you bought and label every single box you pack. Write on the box it’s destined room in your new property and the most important items you have packed in it.

Add an extra "fragile" label on any boxes containing glassware or other fragile items

All of this still sounding way too stressful?

Check out our packing service. Our professional porters will pack all or just part of your belongings for you and supply all of the materials too

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