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Covid-19 Policies


Client called prior to performing removals to check their health and emergence of any symptoms (temperature, anosmia etc.) 

Homes are requested to have windows open to allow an air-flow (weather permitting) and doors open to avoid the need to touch handles. 

No hand-shake greeting will be performed, nor papers signed on the day. Requested that one customer to be the point of contact, and either leave the property after greeting the crew or separate to one room to maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Agree one toilet/hand washing sink that the crew can use. No other trades-person to be on site whilst the removal is performed. 

Any customer considered to be in a high-risk category should not be on site and a representative may need to be appointed in their place. 

During the move the customer must always maintain the minimum 2m spacing from the crew for safety of both parties.

Onsite Crew

Staff with a temperature or Symptoms asked to not come to work. Regular staff health check ins from central office to ensure health and safety of crew and client. 

Each crew to carry alcohol hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes, stocks to be replenished as/when required. Hand sanitiser to be used on entry and exit of the truck. PPE issued to staff to wear in line with operational procedures 

No handshakes on greeting, nor paperwork to be signed on the day to reduce contact. 

2 metre social distancing required where possible, and masks to be worn when it is not. E.g. carrying with another person, navigating tight corridors. Only one person at a time to travel in elevator. 

Only the team leader will be shown around the house and single point of contact maintained between crew and client. 

Crews limited to 2 staff members unless absolutely necessary. Operators to ensure that teams maintain the same crew pairings so far as is possible in order to minimise staff having multiple/varied work partners. 

No more than 2 staff to travel in the cab of the vehicle at any one-time, additional crew members should travel separately to/from site 

Packing materials should only be used once unless can be left for 72 hours. Vehicle blankets and webs must be changed after every job and then left for at least 72 hours before being reused. 

Frequent cleaning of the vehicle cabs when in use: disinfection of steering wheel, dashboard and door handles etc. Ensure cab is cleaned thoroughly at the end of each job. 

Covid-19 Policies: Files
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