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Piano's & Fine Art

SML Removals has an experienced art transportation team available to safely handle, transport & store your valuable artwork. SML Removals use industry leading export standard materials to ensure the safety of your art work during preparation and transportation. 

Each of our clients are assigned a dedicated move manager who will ensure the operation is carried out diligently and with the utmost care.

SML Removals Art on wall.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari Furni-guard.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari Carpet.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari Big Picture.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari moving statue.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari Bubblewrap.jpeg
SML Removals Will & Tom Crating.jpeg
SML Removals Jamie Pictures.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari Paulo Furni.jpeg
SML Removals Ruari & Paulo Art.jpeg
SML Removals Rauri at Kims.jpeg
SML Ruari Packing.jpeg
Ruari Don Taper.jpeg
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