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Why Should I Choose a Professional Moving Company?

Moving home can be stressful, even for the most well-organised of us. Using a professional moving company makes your moving process simple and can turn it into an enjoyable experience. 

Moving heavy items by yourself or with friends can be challenging and time consuming, leaving the professionals to do it for you allows you to get on with other important aspects of your move, like collecting the keys to your new property.

SML Removals's team is professionally trained, giving you peace of mind, knowing your belongings are in safe hands.

How early should I book a removals company?

As early as possible.
Booking early often means saving money. 
You do not have to wait until you have an exchange or completion date to book your removals company.
At SML Removals we are always happy to "pencil" you in for a prospective date.

What is a Pre-Move Survey?

A Pre-Move survey is SML's chosen method of creating an itinerary for your home/office move. 

Pre-Move surveys are carried out by a member of the dispatch team at SML HQ. 

There are 3 ways we conduct Pre-Move surveys:

  1. Home Visit 

  2. Virtual Tour via a video call

  3. Send us a video of all of the items you would like us to pack/move

What are the Benefits of Completing a Pre-Move Survey?

Going through your Pre-Move Survey with a member of our dispatch team allows us to carefully consider the needs of your individual move, create an accurate itinerary of the items you need packing/moving and uncover any potential challenges that could lead to delays in your move, saving you time and money.

Do I Need to Get My Own Packing Supplies?

SML Removals can provide a range of packing supplies for your move, including:

- Boxes

- Bubble Wrap

- Shrink Wrap

- Tape

- Carpet Protector

- Packing Paper

A member of our dispatch team will be happy to recommend which supplies and quantity required for each individual move. If you have chosen our packing service, we will bring the supplies to your home on the day we begin packing, otherwise a member of the team will deliver your supplies to you, leaving you with plenty of time to pack.

How Should I Pack my Belongings?

Can you Dismantle Furniture for me?

Of course we can!
Our professional removals team are happy to help you dismantle any piece of furniture and assemble it back together at your new property.
Make sure you let the Dispatch Team know and give them as much information about the items as you can so that we know which tools to bring.

I have a few more pieces of furniture since the Pre-Move Survey. Is that ok?

You can absolutely add more pieces to your move. Make sure to notify the Dispatch Team of all your changes so they can modify your itinerary.

How Much Does Moving Cost in London?

We calculate your individual quote using the following criteria:

- The total volume of items being moved

- Distance of travel

- Services required (Packing, Dismantling etc)

- Supplies Required

- Access (Parking, Lift access etc)

For an accurate quote please contact a Move Manager to book a Pre-Move Survey

Do you have insurance?

SML holds public liability insurance up to £200000 and goods in transit insurance £30,000 per van

Do you work Sundays?

Yes, we work everyday except Christmas Day, Boxing Day.


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